Wednesday, 27 February 2008

First of the Year

I don’t know why I didn’t go Pike fishing today. I suppose I believed it to be warmer than it was, or perhaps I was over optimistic about how far the year has advanced. Or maybe it’s because I’ve not been fishing for so long, I’m out of touch with everything!
Anyway, it was a disaster!


Last night Britain had its biggest ever earthquake; 5.3 on the Richter scale and about three chimney pots fell down and one cat was awfully anxious!

It was on the news all day…

It took me forever to get all the gear ready – it hasn’t been used for a while – but eventually it was all in the car and I was on my way. I fancied a spot of feeder fishing and I thought Harry did too, but he turned up at the lakes with his pike gear! We started on the small lake and tried there all morning, but I didn’t have a touch on maggot or worm, not even a nibble on float fished maggot either.

So after lunch Harry and I moved to the front lake to pike fish with the drifter floats as there was a nice westerly breeze. But although we managed some nice drifts we caught nothing. The water was exceptionally clear even though we had rain earlier in the week and Harry spotted a low double in the margins which he managed to scare off before he had a chance to tempt it with the tiny smelt he had brought along.

And so the day ended with neither of us coming close to catching anything but it was good to spend time on the bank and to chat with Harry again.